Welcome to Floral Compass 


Inspired by the guiding nature of a compass - Floral Compass will be a leader in Mass Market Floral Design and Education.


Our intention is to combine elements that are authentic and will capture the essence of this industry. The vision behind the brand is to pioneer a platform that will act as a creative space for people to gather, learn and feel inspired.  

Our mission is to have people celebrate and embrace flowers into their Homes, Lifestyle, and Daily Routine, through outlets of communication that are uplifting and educational.

Thank you for your support! We look forward to sharing our designs and expertise with you!


 “Let the beauty of what you love be what you do.”


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About Klair

Klair McDermott, AIFD, PFCI, has channeled her love for flowers and design into both her career and her lifestyle. She graduated from the University of Connecticut with a degree in Horticulture in 2007 and also attended courses through the New York Botanical Garden’s Floral Design program. She has owned her own floral shop in Connecticut and has worked in New York City with a variety of prominent designers.

Klair is the Creative Lead for Sunshine Bouquet Company - an international company that grows and sells fresh-cut flowers through various mass-market channels across the United States. 



She joined the team at Sunshine seven years ago – and specializes in product design and development. She works with the production teams in Miami and Colombia/South America, to ensure that all items created, maintain their integrity and utmost potential, with respect to design, color and construction. She is also able to share her knowledge by traveling around the country and educating floral managers with the basic tools they need to provide proper care and design skills. Highlighting and emphasizing the overall power and importance of flowers always takes precedence.  

Representing the younger presence in this field - Klair believes that it is her mission to help pave the path for the future of this bright and beautiful industry, in hopes to leave a positive and powerful mark. 

Floral Compass is her latest passion project and she is eager to shine a light on this amazing industry!

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Floral Compass FAQ PAGE:


Do you sell flowers?

No, we do not sell flowers direct to consumer. Sunshine Bouquet Company is an international company that grows and sells fresh-cut flowers through various mass-market channels across the United States.

Where are you based?

Floral Compass is located in Miami and travels nationally and internationally throughout the year.

What if I have questions regarding a blog post? 

Please enter your inquiry in the comments section or email us at klair@floralcompass.com!

If I wanted to find out more information about industry events – How can I do so?

Please visit our Industry Calendar on the tab below!

Are there any job opportunities at Floral Compass? 

All positions at Floral Compass are currently fulfilled.

Are you available for workshops/seminars/speaking engagements/event design?

Mass Market - Please contact Klair and your Sales Rep for information and availability.

General Public - Limited availability on weekends. Please contact Floral Compass directly for booking information.


if you have more questions please don’t HESITATE to reach out