Altitude Summit Floral Workshop

Back in March - I attended an amazing Creative Conference in Palm Springs, California called the Altitude Summit, where I was asked to host a flower workshop partnering with Novogratz and Amazon Home. I was so pleased to see how receptive people were to designing with flowers and the light it brought into their lives.

I love opportunities that allow me to teach and spread the joy of design. It is a wonderful feeling to see people exploring their personal creativity through flowers.

I have created a small tutorial on how the design came to life - as well as a recap of some social spotlights.

Enjoy! xo Klair 

Flowers & Foliage:

Carnation, Spray Rose, Rossano Peach Cremon, Piccolini Mini Gerbera Daisy, Gerbera Daisy, Stock, Mini Green Hydrangea, Green Ball Dianthus, Scabiosa, Hypericum Berry, Queen Anne’sLace, Bupleurum, Ruscus.

Materials Used:

Monaco Vase - Accent Décor

Fresh Water and 1 Pack of Floral Preservative

Floral Shears

Step 1:

Add Water and Flower Food to the Vase.

Clean the foliage off the bottom of the stems, so that nothing hits the water level. This will prevent bacteria from growing and shortening the length of flower life.

Step 2:

Begin by adding the foliage to the vase in a criss-cross motion. This will create a grid and act as base for your design. (Ruscus, Bupluerum)

Reminder: Cut Foliage/Flowers on an angle to provide maximum hydration.

Step 3: 

Typically, Filler Flowers are added at the end of the design to mask any negative/empty space. However, occasionally I prefer to add these stems towards the beginning to create more of an anchor for the other flowers. (Queen Anne’s Lace, Hypericum Berry)

Next, start to add to some of your Mass Flowers to form the shape of your design. (Mini Green Hydrangea, Green Ball Dianthus)

Mass Flowers create focal points of color and interest in a design that cover a decent amount of space. They typically have only one flower on the end of the stem.

Step 4: 

Continue by adding more of your Mass Flowers to the design. (Gerbera Daisy, Cremon, Carnation) 

Be sure to evenly space the flowers and colors for an all around design.

Don’t forget! Cut the flowers on an angle to provide maximum hydration.

Step 5:

Lastly, add the Stock, Mini Gerbera Daisy and Scabiosa to your arrangement. This will allow for some height, pops of fun, and uniqueness in your design. 

Step 6:

Your design is complete! 

Keep an eye on the water level within the vase and refresh when necessary. This will help you get the maximum vase life of your flowers.

Workshop & Social Media Highlights