Artisan Collection

This collection was inspired by the artistic nature of design and handcrafted goods. The elements represented in this collection create a cohesive blend between the organic home décor and soothing color story.

It was important to create a design with the intention of simplicity and elegance.

Hydrangea and Calla Lilly Arrangement in Nature Inspired Decor

The soft palette and versatile selection of texture, pattern, and sophisticated blooms - help to enhance and capture the balance and flow within the space.

Organic Inspired Simple Floral Arrangements

Organic Inspired Simple Floral Arrangements

Flowers Used: 

Calla Lily – Hydrangea – BomBon Cremon Esfera – Scabiosa – Stock – Ammi Majus (Queen Anne’s Lace) – Carnation – Silver Dollar Eucalyptus 

xo Klair