Hydrangea Care

Hydrangea is a one of a kind flower that is timeless and traditional. They radiate elegance all on their own and their presence reminds me of memories from summer’s past.  

But let’s be real – they don’t have the best reputation for longevity and they can be tough to keep alive!  

Here are some tips on getting a

full life out of Hydrangea.  

When you purchase Hydrangea, it is important to always give them a fresh cut on a 45-degree angle as soon as you arrive at your destination. The longer you wait, the longer it will take to revive - if at all. 

Contrary to popular belief – You do not want to crush the stems of Hydrangea. This will damage the internal cell structure, preventing the flower from absorbing water.

Any foliage that may hit the water line, should be removed. Not only will this prevent bacteria within the vase, but it will also send more water and energy to the blooms. 

Refresh the water every day or so to maintain a fresh source to hydrate from.  You may also want to give them a fresh cut each time to ensure maximum hydration. 

If they begin looking a little down and out - there’s still hope! 

If they need little assistance, mist the blooms with a spray bottle. If you reach emergency full recovery mode, submerge the blooms in a bowl/bucket of water for 5 to 10 minutes.

Water is a part of their name, after all, so let them drink from the top and bottom.


·     Cut stems on a sharp angle.

·     Remove excess Foliage.

·     DO NOT crush/smash stems.

·     Hydrate from the top, as well – mist or soak.

xo Klair