The Rose

How to buy the best roses

The Rose is one of the most popular flowers to date, known for its striking beauty and symbolism surrounding Love and Admiration. However, the appeal goes beyond the meaning.  One must consider the range of Color, Size, Variety, and Fragrance to fully understand the significance and honor associated with this flower. 

How to take care of a rose bouquet

How to Care for your Bouquet of Roses:

  •  Choose a vessel for your Roses and fill with fresh, room temperature water.  Always remember to add the packet of flower preservative to the vase. This will help to enhance the vase life of the Roses.

  •  Remove the Plastic Wrap and Rubberband off the Roses.

  •  Clean the foliage off the bottom of the stems, so that nothing hits the water level. This will prevent bacteria from growing and shortening the length of flower life.

  •  It is very important not to allow water to drip on the heads of the Roses.  This can lead to Botrytis - molding of the Petals and Foliage.

  •  For a nice clean cut - I would steer away from your run of the mill pair of scissors.  I recommend using a sharp and sanitized set of garden shears.  On a 45-degree angle, cut at least one inch off the bottom of each stem for maximum water absorption. 

  •  Place your Roses somewhere they can be enjoyed out of direct sunlight.

  •  Remember to change the water and cut the stems every couple of days, so that you get the best vase life out of your flowers.  

Taking Care of a Rose Bouquet


  •  When selecting the right bunch to purchase - Keep your eyes out for hardiness. There are a couple of ways to spot this in a bouquet. 

  • Aperture “The Natural Opening of a Flower”

  • The best way is to examine the stems to determine their maturity, is by identifying two obvious factors – How open or closed are they?

  • Blown - A Rose that is fully in bloom and has reached the peak of its life. These stems will not last much longer. 

  • Bullet - A rose that is very closed and shows no signs of cracking open. 

  • The idea is to find a bouquet of Roses that lands between those two conditions. 


While some see these outer petals as a red flag due to their wrinkled and weathered appearance – They are actually a positive feature and act as a protective barrier to the true petals.  These petals support and shield the Rose during packaging and transport.  

To remove, delicately grasp the petals, one at a time between your thumb and index finger. Pinch slightly in an upward and outward motion.  They should release easily with a crisp motion.

xo Klair